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Suvi Hänninen is a costume designer who's practice embraces both the design process and creating the garments. She is specialized in designing stage wear for pop stars and other movement based costumes for contemporary dance and circus and other performing artists. Her productive and professional work ethic has gained her experience and success to work with top clients in Finland ever since 2003. At the moment she is studying as a MA student in Aalto University in Costume Design in the Department of Film, Television and Scenography.

"My sense of style and knowledge of functionality and movement drive me to create garments with strong identity that make my customers feel at ease. As a perfectionist, I want my designs to have an optimal fit with well thought details. The human body  and it's multi-sensory existence is in the core of my designs".

My work is a about rebelling against mass production. I want to celebrate the traditional skills of dressmaking and create garments with interesting cuts that are easy to wear - and never boring. I hope my curiosity towards ideas, culture and everything around me adds a certain insightfulness to the designs."


Artist statement: "The costume is an intermediate between the body and the surrounding space: how the performer experiences spacial elements in their body depends on the features of the costume, on the elements of the surrounding space and on their background. The costume is an entity in itself where the body can manifest itself in endless ways: as a catalyst the costume evokes memories, temporal intepretations and emotions that flow through the performer's body. In my work I'm asking how does the density and haptic essence of the costume affect the performer's ability to create movement?"



Tel: +358 40 7527025

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Photography: Maija Ukko

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